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Vancouver, BC

Garbage Stool Product Shot

Designed and Made by Grace Bulmer
Photo and Creative Directing by Claudia Adiwijaya

Product Photography

Garbage stool is a project made by Grace Bulmer, an industrial designer based in Vancouver, Canada. 

Garbage Stoll is a project that highlight the material production. By using all local waste/ salvaged / reclaimed materials: compressed cork composite seat pan (local restaurant waste- cork wine stoppers), metal rails (salvaged from metal scrapyard) wood frame ( reclaimed Douglas fir from house demolition), Grace believe that objects are powerful things (whether we know it or not).

This project is about addressing the very messed up environmental situation that we currently find ourselves in through the designed object. The implications that our everyday actions have on the world around us are huge- whether it be through the making, consuming and the throwing away of objects. Garbage Stool was about making these problems more accessible and interesting to a wider audience: to get people to stop, have a laugh, but also to really start to think about and consider a very serious topic.

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