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“Alone, we can do so little;
together, we can do so much” -Hellen Keller

Sharing is Caring

A way to build connection with people through objects and movement. 

Mobius was created to enhance a social networking experience especially for travellers / nomadic community in Germany.  It aims for a possibility that offers a simple action that can spark conversation and community engagement through social drinking. 

Social drinking - or responsible drinking have become a significant culture in Germany which refers to an activity of casual drinking without having any intention of getting intoxicated. A common misconception usually leads people to believe that drinking is awalys being associated as negative traits. On the other hand, it actually allows people to be more relaxed and open up to have a conversation. 

Creating a conversation is the goal of Mobius. Human connection always starts from having or sharing a storytelling experience. Mobius is a bottle opener that being designed to open 2 drinks / beers at the same time. It requires two people to allow Mobius to work- one to hold the bottle and the other one is required to put pressure on the cap of the bottle. 

Mobius offers a new perspective to create value of an object through social connection. Sometimes, it does not take a lot to build a relationship with stranger, it just requires a single action.  

The design was made from one single mobius strip (made out of steel) to reduce the energy and material waste of production. The strength relies on the engineered shape of a mobius, which is known as a surface with only one side (when embedded in three-dimensional Euclidean space) and only one boundary. Mobius strip has the mathematical property of being unorientable. 

Project Brief:

Emotional Durability Souvenir

Souvenir often only revolves around commemorating a travelling experience without allowing people to build an emotional attachment to it. Most of the time, people buy souvenir that will end up in the trash bin because it losts its value. It is a reflection of capitalism that adds up the problem of sustainibility globally.

The brief asks student to create a souvenir that can create essence for its users. To this, people can choose to buy things that can create meaning that will be long-lasting physically and emotionally. 

The sequence of use 

Technical research to allow Mobius open 2 bottle at the simultaneously

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