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“What is essential
is invisible to the eye.”
        — Little Prince


Antenna 20 World Best Design Graduate 2019
The Award was being established by Antenna Foundation , Design Indaba and being exhibited at Dutch Design Week 2019.
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The Faculty Award
The Best Concept + Executed Project from Industrial Design Major Graduated 2019
The award was being established by the Emily Carr Faculty , 2019.


Living with Scents
The Museum of Craft and Design (MCD) of San Francisco
Feb 12th - June 5th, 2022
San Francisco, CA
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Dutch Design Week 2019
Antenna 20 World Best Design Graduate 2019 - Antenna x Design Indaba
October 2019
Eindhoven, Netherland 

Smell was considered insignificant in our world today.. 

Yet, we forget that our olfactory sense had been helping us to mate, eat and survive the evolution going back to the prehistoric times. As this world grow mainly on technology, we become numb with our sense of smell. Essentia tries to bridge the gap between our olfactory sense, technology and our wellbeing by identifying the potential effect and use posed by aromas.

What is Essentia?

Essentia is a wearable jewellery that helps us control our wellbeing by using aromas as its medium and using heart rate as the trigger. Essentia strives to remind us the value of everyday aromas for human wellbeing. 

Essentia strives to address the underlining and layered value of human sense of smell in the current daily use of our olfactory sense. It encourages the public to trust their primitive “mute instinct” to navigate and improve their wellbeing -while exploring the power of aromas around memory.  

This project aims to identify the potential effect and use posed by aromas that comes from everyday object.To this, smell will offer possibilities for human experience.The goal is to create user experience that combine scientific knowledge, technology, and olfactory sense.

The design of the wearable is centered around simplicity, accessible material. The aesthetic takes inspiration from  Bauhaus Philosophy, positive-negative element of shapes+form, and experimenting with 3d print materials. This space can be speculative, critical and a testing ground for ideas and development.

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Website Design : prototype
UI Case Study : click here
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Exhibition : “the show” at Emily Carr University

The Sequence of Use


Most of the time we only value what’s in fronts of our eyes, however, something that is invisible can create a powerful impact as well.There is something missing in how we create relationship with smell and how smell can affect our everyday.

Right for the moment we’re in our mother’s belly, our life is guided by smell. From the moment we are sperm, its our smell that guided us all the way to the ovula.The pleasure of smell is intrinsically related to our survival instincts. It’s as if the pleasure of smelling was the powerful way to tell us whats good for us.

It’s not just pleasure , just for pleasure. It’s a way to survive.

We could not survive without our sense of smell telling us what is good and bad for us. In fact, It is the one sense where we lose control, which each breathe send uncensored information to the brain. 

The Show

Graduation Exhbition at Emily Carr University of Art and Design, Vancouver, Canada

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